About Joe Brogno

I have been involved with the Motor industry for over 33 years. I have only ever worked on BMWs and more recently, Minis and run two specialist workshops in the inner suburbs of Melbourne, employing around 27 people.

“I strive to provide outstanding customer service by employing the best people and training them to be the best in the industry.”

My desire is to ensure that all motor technicians across the whole industry attest to becoming the best trained and provide the best customer service to this rapidly changing and challenging automotive industry.

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Insights From Our Experience

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Are Audis Reliable?

Audis produce some of the most coveted vehicles on the market. As a premium German manufacturer, their cars are known for high-quality construction, beautiful designs and luxurious cabins. While we’re prepared to pay for this level of craftsmanship in…

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Are Audis Expensive to Maintain?

Audi is a popular brand, and for good reason. It doesn’t matter what type of car we have in mind when shopping around, there are several key features we all look for: quality of build, safety, aesthetic appeal, comfort. Audis are known to tick all of…

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