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BM Tech founder Joe Brogno began working on BMWs in 1987 from his father’s backyard garage, and began his apprenticeship at 16, working at a local BMW dealership. Frustrated with the dealership’s lack of customer service and quality, Joe left the company to begin his own business, with the belief that quality service and workmanship at a fair price is all that people want. Joe retired in 2023, and BM Tech is now lead by Matt Webb and his team, proudly part of the Auto Tech Group.

Integrity is the foundation of all that we do at Auto Tech Group & BM Tech Canterbury. Our core Team Values are:

  • The Power of Honesty
  • The Customer Comes First
  • The Power of Teamwork &
  • The Power of Accountability.

The unique talents of each of our individual employees combine under the auspices of these tenets to provide you, the customer, with a positive experience. Knowing your car is being taken care of by experts in their fields who care out the outcome as much as you do is what keeps customers coming back to BM Tech Canterbury.

We are located at 295 Canterbury Road in Canterbury, 100m from Canterbury Railway Station and the famous Maling Road shops.

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