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BM Tech is the only BMW and Mini Service Centre in the world to offer a Five Year Warranty * on all servicing and repairs.

We have the confidence to make this offer because we only use original parts and lubricants and we only employ highly trained BMW and Mini technicians who understand how these cars need to be maintained, so you can have the complete confidence in our servicing and repairs too.

This is not true! We are fully equipped with the latest computers and scanning technology to work with your unique BMW & Mini’s on-board computers and electronics, including the latest, advanced models. Our technical staff members are continually trained both here and overseas.

No! Carrying out the service as per the handbook and using original parts and lubricants ensures your new car warrant remains intact. It is also a statutory requirement which the manufacturer must honour.
We can also stamp your service log book to ensure the current value of your BMW or Mini is maintained. BMWs & Minis regularly serviced by BM Tech are amongst the best you’ll find anywhere.

Absolutely not! We service your BMW or Mini the same, if not better that the dealers, so there will be no reason to lower the value.
Some used car departments will use the excuse that it hasn’t got a full dealership service history, simply to ask for a lower trade-in value! Not only is this practice unethical, it’s bordering of being illegal. If they give you a low trade-in figure, we suggest you go elsewhere for a proper valuation.

The BMW or Mini Service is performed as per the factory schedules and directives using all original parts and lubricants as stipulated in the service handbook, by qualified and experienced BMW Technicians.
Each vehicle is first road-tested and then thoroughly checked for any faults. A report is produced and then double checked by our Foreman. Whilst the service is being carried out by the technician, the report is evaluated by the Service Adviser who will get in contact with you to discuss any items. Once the Technician has completed the service and/or repairs, he performs a second road-test. A thorough Premium Car Wash is then performed. Once the car is completed, a meticulous quality control procedure is performed by the Foreman who, once is satisfied the car is perfect, will sign off the car ready for the owner to take delivery.

From time to time during scheduled servicing we may find other faults or problems that need attention. BM Tech is committed to informing you of any additional work needed and to discussing price prior to the work being undertaken. We also ensure you are kept up-to-date with the expected completion time for your BMW to minimise any disruption.

Occasionally, if we are waiting on parts because of additional repairs, your car will be safely locked away indoors. We have a professional security system with CC-TV cameras, which is monitored 24 hours a day. We are also fully insured for every possible scenario including public liability.

Yes we do have a key box drop that allows you to park your car in one of our signed car spaces outside of hours and then drop the keys off in the key drop box. Please read the instructions for the key drop box.

The most important thing to do is to have the car checked out early to determine if the problem needs to be rectified immediately or whether it can wait a little longer.
Small problems eventually become big expensive problems if left unattended, so the sooner you are aware of what the problem is, the sooner a decision can be made.
Sometimes, a diagnostic charge is required; however, we will always give you a quotation before fixing the problem.

Yes we do! All our services are carried out as per the handbook and nothing is excluded. The only time the price varies is if additional work is required, in which case you will always be notified first.

Many factors, like labour rates and where parts are sourced from, will determine the price.
The price of spare parts can vary by up to 60%, this is because many parts are copied and made by dozens of different after-market manufacturers around the world; for example, brake parts made in Eastern European or Asian countries are very cheap to buy because they are made from sub-standard materials (and unfortunately can be very poor in quality).
Some general mechanics will also charge more labour time for a particular job than it actually takes. The labour hours which BM Tech book out are the same as the manufacturer uses when determining the length of time to charge for labour. This means that we will always charge you the correct amount of labour time.
It’s important to note our Technicians are trained BMW, Mini, Audi, Volkswagon and Mercedes specialists who know the product inside-out. In general, a trained BMW Technician takes a lot less time to fix a BMW than it takes a general mechanic; this is why we believe that specialising is the only way to offer the best service at the best price.

This is a very uneconomical way of maintaining a car, especially a BMW or any European car for that matter. European cars require preventative maintenance to remain reliable and to prevent high and unnecessary costs. The cost to repair a breakdown will always be greater, not to mention the inconvenience of being without the car for a longer period of time which is usually the case with unscheduled repair work.
In general, our records show that over a period of three to five years, a BMW which is regularly serviced will always cost less to maintain than a vehicle which is serviced in an ad-hoc manner; it’s simply an inefficient way to maintain a car.

Yes we do! For your convenience, we can supply loan cars while your vehicle is being serviced. Loan cars are No Charge except for fuel usage with an insurance damage excess of $3000. To reduce the excess to $500, the charge is $35 per day plus fuel. This service is only available to customers who are over 22 years of age and bookings are essential. Each loan car is equipped with child seat anchors, however we would still like to know if you will be using child seats so we can ensure the car is conveniently accessible for you.

We are located 100m from Canterbury Railway Station and the famous Maling Road shops and cafes.

We are open 7:30am – 6pm Monday to Thursday. Our workshop is closed Friday – Sunday.


We are closed weekends and public holidays.
During the festive season, we will remain open except for Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day. At times, depending on when the public holidays fall on the calendar, we may close for an extra day, however this will be publicised with plenty of notice to our customers.

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