In-between Oil Change

The Benefit of More Frequent Oil Changes

Since the introduction of ultra-extended oil changes by BMW and other manufacturers, BM Tech have been assisting thousands of BMW, Mini, Audi and Volkswagen owners in keeping they’re engines reliable and saving them from unnecessary expense.

All it takes is a simple ‘in-between’ oil change every 6-12 months to keep engine life and performance at its optimum. Engine oil is the lifeblood of your car. Quite simply, it is the liquid engineering that determines the life of your engine.

Does your driving consist mostly of short trips?

Our knowledge acquired in servicing BMW, Mini, Audi and Volkswagen over the past 25 years has shown that vehicles which do many short trips or travel low mileage when combined with long service intervals, can potentially become unreliable and run the risk of serious internal engine damage.

Castrol Australia has also produced a letter about the serious issues which can occur. See service intervals vs oil change periods.

(Refer to the two images to see the result of infrequent oil changes)

Why is engine oil important?

Engine oil lubricates and cleans moving parts that generate heat. Over time, heat causes the oil to lose its ability to lubricate which in turn causes engine wear.

When you consider the tremendous forces that operate in your car’s engine, the best thing you can do to reduce unnecessary engine fatigue and keep your car running at its best is a regular oil change.

How much will an oil change cost me?

Depending on your specific model, this investment in your car’s engine starts at $180 and includes Castrol Full Synthetic Oil and an original oil filter replacement.

The reality is that this is far less than what you’d be facing if your car was running with old, thinned-out oil. As we’ve mentioned, your car oil coats vital components, protecting and cleaning them, and preventing all that friction from wearing them down too quickly.

Without clean, fresh oil, grit and debris will build up, clog the oil filter and damage moving parts. The bill then will be much steeper than a simple oil change.

What does an engine oil change service consist of?

Engine oil picks up grit and debris over time, so during a service we’ll drain the old oil and discard it responsibly. We’ll also remove the oil filter and give it a thorough clean, replace it, and top you up with a fresh batch of high-quality Castrol engine oil.

Is BM Tech’s oil change service near me?

We are in Canterbury, making us a convenient service centre to a lot of Melburnians. Not only can you find us easily, but an engine oil change service is quick and easy, so you won’t be held up.

We pride ourselves on our efficiency and professionalism. If it’s been some time since you’ve had your oil changed, don’t hesitate to book in with our experienced, friendly team; we’ll have you back on the road in no time.

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