MINI Service and Repairs

When your MINI is due for a service, you can feel rest assured that we will carry out the MINI service and maintenance program as per the factory directives and exactly as stipulated in your MINI handbook, using original MINI parts and MINI lubricants.

Five Year Warranty on Parts and Labour

BM Tech is the only MINI Service Centre in the world to offer a Five Year Warranty* on all servicing and repairs.

We have the confidence to make this amazing offer because we only use original MINI parts and lubricants and we only employ highly trained MINI technicians who understand how these cars need to be maintained.

Which means you can have the complete confidence in our servicing and repairs too.


We had the great honour of winning the 2017 and 2019 VACC Victorian Automotive Industry Award for Best Automobile Repairer and the 2022 Australian Auto Aftermarket Award for Excellence in Repair and Service.

Certified A Grade

BM Tech is a Certified A-Grade Automotive Service Centre.

The A Grade Automotive Network is a membership of fine automotive businesses throughout Victoria who are committed to being the best in their field.

Being an A-Graded business, we have to abide by a strict set of quality guidelines relating to customer service, presentation, equipment levels and training; which are audited yearly by the Victorian Automobile Chamber of Commerce (VACC).

Fairer Prices

Our commitment is to ensure that you are always supplied with the highest quality parts and lubricants at a price that is both fair and reasonable and more importantly, never more than the recommended retail price set by the manufacturer.

The labour hours which we book out are the same as what the manufacturer uses when determining the length of time to charge for labour.

Many of the original parts we use are sourced directly from Europe, which means we can remove the “middle man” and pass on the savings to our customers.

Not only do we provide fairer prices, we also concentrate on providing above average personalised service and a total commitment to quality.

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