Roadworthy Certificates

We are licensed vehicle testers enabling us to issue roadworthy certificates for registration transfers or when selling your car.

Vicroads has radically changed the way roadworthy certificates are provided.

The new process involves extensive body structural checks and the new task of taking photographs of each vehicle to provide proof and authenticity in the preparation of the report.

This extra cost for you (and extra work for workshops) at first appears to be a burden on your hip pocket, but these new rules are a great result for consumers.

Firstly, the quality of RWC inspections will improve because it’s getting a lot harder for shabby workshops. And the horror story of purchasing a vehicle with a RWC only to find out it is full of problems, hopefully will no longer exist.

These new rules are to protect you, the consumer.

Roadworthy Certificates, including second inspections, will have to be booked in for a whole day. Please speak to our Service Advisors for more information.