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Is An Audi Expensive to Maintain?

Audi is a popular brand, and for good reason. It doesn’t matter what type of car we have in mind when shopping around, there are several key features we all look for: quality of build, safety, aesthetic appeal, comfort. Audis are known to tick all of these boxes. But cost is another factor, both in the initial purchase price and over the course of the car’s life. Fair enough, then, to ask:

Are Audis expensive to maintain?

It’s vexing to hear, but the answer really does depend on several factors. Regardless of the brand of car you drive, a large chunk of its reliability comes down to the environment in which its driven, how you drive it, how it’s stored and – most importantly – how often a mechanic gets to see it.

The quality of the build and the components also determine a car’s longevity and reliability, which is why Audis are so popular. They do, however, also have a reputation as expensive to maintain.

In general, German cars have more expensive components, which can make them more expensive to replace. Coupled with this is the fact that they have to be imported, leading to shipping and tax costs.

But you shouldn’t decide how expensive a particular car is to maintain based on one repair job. What actually matters is the cost over a vehicle’s lifetime. For example, replacing the motor that powers the windows in an Audi might be more expensive than in a Mazda or Ford, but you might never actually have to do that in your Audi. Premium parts last longer, often the lifetime of the vehicle.

You don’t have to go to the dealership for servicing

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to have your Audi – or any car for that matter – serviced at a dealership. Just in case you missed that, you cannot be legally compelled to have your car serviced at a dealership. As long as you have your car serviced by a qualified mechanic, use original parts and keep an up-to-date logbook, the warranty will not be void. Once you drive your Audi off the lot, it’s up to you where it gets looked after from that time on.

Another reason why some people think they have to get their Audi serviced at a dealership is technology. The modern German car is equipped with the latest engineering and software, leading some to believe that only dealerships have the capability to properly service them. This simply isn’t true.

As a service centre that focuses on European cars, BM Tech has the specialised tools, software and specific training needed to service an Audi. Not only does this mean a precise and high-quality service, it also avoids misdiagnosing an issue, which would lead to higher costs and more time off the road.

There’s also another important thing everyone now needs to know; from 1st July 2022, it’s been legislated in Australia that every car manufacturer must, by law, provide technical repair information and factory diagnostic equipment to all independent mechanics if or when they need it. This now guarantees that all mechanics will have the same access and repair capabilities as do the dealerships.

Get a second opinion – that part may not need to be replaced just yet!

We have many long term clients who initially sought us out for a second opinion on a part the dealership told them needed replacing. Often, we find these components have some life in them yet, sometimes another six months or more.

While we never want to use a part beyond the point where it can properly function, we also don’t want to swap them out too early. Audis are premium vehicles, but that doesn’t mean they are inevitably expensive to maintain. If cared for in the correct manner, there’s no reason why an Audi should be dearer to service than a Ford or a Mazda. Speaking of cared for in the correct manner

Regular maintenance equals cheaper maintenance

Preventative medicine is the best medicine. You hear doctors talk about it all the time, and, as mechanics, we’re inclined to agree. If you want your Audi to go the distance without breaking the bank, then it needs to be on a first-name basis with a professional mechanic. This doesn’t have to mean a major service twice a year; it simply means regular check-ups that nip potentially expensive issues in the bud. We cannot tell you how many major repairs we’ve dealt with that could have been avoided if we had got to them earlier. So, yes, regular servicing is cheaper overall than having to replace major parts due to neglect.

It may sound too good to be true, but you can own a premium vehicle like an Audi and maintain it for a similar price to that of a cheaper car. Drive sensibly, do as your mechanic says, and you can have your cake and eat it, too.

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