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Finally, a simple way to increase performance.

The Torque Tuner is a new product which significantly increases the performance of your vehicle without any programming or invasive computer alterations. It simply an electronic device which plugs into your vehicle.

How does it work?

Most modern cars these days have done away with accelerator cables and instead now use a fly-by-wire accelerator setup which is electronically controlled. Put simply, when you’re depressing the accelerator pedal, you’re actually moving an electronic component which sends a signal to the engine computer, which in turn opens the engine throttle.

What the Torque Tuner simply does is change the signal to make the computer think that you are accelerating more than you actually are, and this opens the throttle sooner and quicker. What this does is bring the power or rather, the torque down to where you use it most – when taking off from standstill or driving up steep winding roads or even when towing boats etc.

Since there are no internal computer changes, this device does not actually increase the overall power and torque of your engine; however it does increase low down torque to a much more useable level. The result is quicker, more responsive acceleration.

No Side Effects!

I’ve done a lot of research and investigation into this product because I needed to be sure that it was safe and reliable and wouldn’t affect any part or system on your vehicle and I can confidently say that there are absolutely no side-effects or drivability issues.

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