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M-PROTEKT: Give your car a gift this Christmas!

This Christmas, why not treat your special vehicle with the enduring gift that gives you complete location tracking and history, and so much more, at any time from your smartphone.

For only $695, we will supply and install the advanced M-Protekt Global Asset Recovery Device in your vehicle, ready for your summer driving.

And, if you’d like to gift the M-Protekt to a special friend for Christmas, we will be happy to install it later at a time that is convenient with them.

Feel safe knowing that you will always know where your cars are and have been, with the added advantage of being alerted when something has gone wrong. Read on to find out more about this wonderful additional to your pride and joy.

Buy the M-Protekt Now

Why you need this electronic device:

  • Protect your family
  • Peace of mind – leave your unattended vehicle without the shock surprises
  • Allows you to negotiate lower insurance premiums
  • Finances – keeping your wallet protected

By choosing the M-Protekt Global Asset Recovery Device, you are providing the greatest opportunity to recover your lost or stolen asset, with the added benefit of being able to check the unit’s location at any time via our smartphone apps.

Key Features


  • Instant notification alerts, informs that the vehicle is in a collision
  • Alert recipients are provided with the event and location
  • All logged in users sharing the account receive the same information
  • Increase the response time of your family, friends & emergency services


  • Any significant shock wave will send an alert, such as a vehicle hit when parked
  • Movement of the stationary vehicle will send an alert. Someone attempting to tow your vehicle
  • Helps provide important information such as date and time
  • Claiming on a hit and run can hurt your wallet & can affect your future insurance premiums


  • Alert is sent if the device no longer receives power from the asset
  • Device has a back-up battery of 6-8 hours
  • Keep informed of battery disconnection or tampering
  • Enables user to take immediate action by receiving the alert


  • Instant notifications of 200 metres or more of movement
  • Activate/deactivate at the touch of a button
  • Notify multiple users

PLUS vs LIVE Subscription

Choose from two great subscription options:




Impact Alert
Geolock Alert
Tilk/Shock Alert
Power Alert
Location on demand
3 year warranty
100 free location credits
Unlimited location credits
Free smartphone app access
24/7 response centre assistance  
Pull driver reports anytime, date and time specific
All data can be exported and edited via Microsoft Excel
Service intervals alerts can be set for engine hours, mileage, insurance and registration
Creative live alerts specific to each vehicle to save you time and constant monitoring
All alerts can be customised per vehicle and for a specific date and time
Live alerts sent via email to one or mulitple recipients for:
High speed
Battery disconnection
Battery volt drop
Ignition on/off
Geofence in/out (time delay)

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