BMW Electrical & Mechanical Repairs

BMWs are finely tuned, advanced automobiles. They require specialised care, delivered by technicians who can draw upon decades of experience and training. If you’ve noticed a change in the performance or sound of your BMW, bring it in to BM Tech for all your BMW electrical and mechanical repairs. Joe Brogno and his team have seen it all and can diagnose any issue you might currently be experiencing.

Not only can we keep your car running in optimum condition, but we can diagnose and address a range of issues, from simple through to complex.

What BMW electrical or mechanical repairs are you in need of?

Cars can sound or perform in many strange ways. Often, it’s hard to know precisely what the cause is. But that’s our job, so if you notice any of the below symptoms, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

  • Engine is running rough or misfires
  • Smoky exhaust emissions
  • Fluid leaking under your car
  • Soft or spongy brakes
  • Engine running hot
  • Shuddering through the steering wheel
  • Steering pulling to one side
  • Warning lights on the dashboard

Expert BMW mechanics

Joe Brogno and his team have spent decades working on high-end European cars. They’ve travelled the world, attending specialist workshops, learning and honing their ability to deliver the best BMW mechanical repairs available.

Add this to their exceptional communication skills, and those who bring their cars into BM Tech’s workshop are the best informed in Melbourne. One of their main priorities is keeping their clients in the loop at every stage.

What do electrical & mechanical repairs cover?

From the simple to the complex, the team at BM Tech diagnose and address the full range of mechanical issues every day. Here are some of them:

  • Logbook servicing
  • Air conditioning regas
  • Engine light diagnosis
  • Tyre checks
  • Suspension & steering repairs
  • Fuel system inspections
  • Battery repair & replacement

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