Car Battery Replacement, Charging and Checks

If your car is sluggish to start or the headlights seem dim, bring your car in to BM Tech so we can run a health check on your battery. We’ll also check the alternator to see if it is producing the correct voltage. If it’s time for a replacement, we can guide you through the options and recommend the best car battery for your circumstances.

Signs that you may need a car battery replacement

Here are some warning signs indicating you need a car battery replacement:

  • Sluggish start. If the starter is taking longer to turn the engine, then this is a sign of a struggling battery.
  • Battery warning light. The modern car is an intelligent beast. When the battery warning light comes on, it’s telling you something is wrong with the battery. It may not be a terminal issue (pardon the pun), but it still needs to be checked out.
  • Irregular driving. If you don’t use your car much, the battery won’t achieve a full recharge that it needs to maintain optimum function. You may need to invest in a battery charger.
  • Temperature. A battery older than three years finds it hard to withstand the rigours of extreme temperatures, hot or cold. Depending on where you live and how old your car battery is, it may be in need of replacement.

How long should my car battery last?

It depends on several factors, such as:

  • How often the car is driven. Car batteries need to achieve full recharge on a regular basis to prolong their life. If a car isn’t used much, or only for short trips, it’s never really able to achieve a full recharge. Either invest in a car battery charger, or try and take your car for some decent runs every now and again.
  • Temperature. Higher temperatures lead to a faster chemical reaction within the car battery, which can cause water loss and corrosion at an earlier point than usual. Conversely, cold temperatures mean slower chemical reactions, which can cause a battery to struggle. In fact, at zero degrees, a car battery loses 60% of its power.
  • Correct installation. When having a new car battery installed, always use a professional. Car batteries need to be installed in a particular manner to ensure they operate correctly and no damage is done to it or other core components.

We only use the best car batteries

We only use the highest quality batteries on the market, and it’s for this reason we supply Varta batteries. Varta batteries are original equipment on BMWs and most German cars and come with a 5 year pro-rata warranty. We believe in a higher-quality service using the best equipment available to ensure your car operates in peak condition and requires less attention from us.

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