Car Computer and Electronics Diagnostics

BM Tech is fully equipped and experienced to work with your BMW, Mini, Audi and Volkswagen computers and electronics, including the new, advanced models. Our computer diagnostic tools and equipment are the most advanced in the industry and have the capabilities to check all the on-board computer systems including the ability to read and clear fault codes, re-code hardware components and reprogram every system with the latest software updates from the manufacturer.

We are able to diagnose the following issues:

  • engine light on
  • warning message on
  • engine cuts out
  • warning light on
  • engine stalling
  • engine warning light on
  • fault codes

Our technical staff are continually trained both here and overseas. Being a certified A-Grade workshop, we have to abide by a strict set of rules relating to regular diagnostic and technical training. Our staff are constantly trained at Bosch, VACC and at the superb BIMRS BMW and Mini training event held in the USA each year.

BM Tech has been in the business of servicing and repairing BMWs and Minis for over 30 years, and more recently, Audi and Volkawagen, so it’s safe to say that we know and understand every aspect of these vehicles, especially in the area of diagnostics and fault-finding.

Diagnostics if the most demanding aspect of any automotive repair business and takes up most of our time and energy in relation to training, expenditure on equipment and recruitment of staff.

Our commitment to recruiting experienced staff, purchasing the latest computer diagnostic and scanning equipment and continual training, has enabled BM Tech to be at the forefront of diagnostics, so our ability to quickly and expertly find and repair faults will get you back on the road in the shortest possible time.

Our access to factory data using the latest factory equipment and resources will ensure we are always using the correct and latest software and repair techniques as stipulated by the manufacturer.

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