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The New BMW 3 Series

The all new BMW 3 Series or F30 as we call it has arrived. There will be three versions available in Australia; the economical and surprisingly powerful diesel engined 320d, the new 328i will have an engine that is actually a four cylinder turbo which will combine the best performance with terrific economy, and then there’s the 335i with the incredible turbocharged six cylinder engine. These cars have been designed with near-perfect 50:50 weight distribution for amazing balance and handling. I think these new F30s are going to sell very well.


My pick would have to be the 328i.  The beauty of the engine in this car is that when you’re not using the power, the fuel economy is terrific, but when you want big acceleration, like when overtaking, it’s like a big six cylinder engine. The best of both worlds!  Well done BMW!


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