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Top Tips for Proper Audi Care

If you’re an Audi car owner, you don’t need us telling you what superb vehicles they are. Most likely you knew that before you bought it. Most likely it’s the reason why you bought it. Loving it as you no doubt do, you’re determined to take care of it properly. Audis are premium cars; they cost more than many others on the road (for good reason), and you want to make sure yours is kept in good nick.

When it comes to proper Audi care, there are routine things you should be doing, and routine things that a mechanic should be doing. As you’ll see, these ‘things’ aren’t necessarily expensive; instead, they go a long way to reducing the chance of steep service bills that arise from neglect and ill management.

Treat your Audi right, and it will be your premium, faithful and uncomplaining luxury steed for many years to come.

How you can take care of your Audi

Wash it

Keeping your Audi spick and span doesn’t just highlight its beautiful lines; it keeps its paint job in optimum condition and protects it from fading and peeling. The outside world harbours many nasty substances longing to eat away at your Audi’s exterior, like tree sap, bird poo and possum urine. As soon as you notice any blemishes, make an effort to clean them off straight away. If you can, avoid parking under trees and consider investing in a car cover.

Check the tread

Your Audi’s tyres keep it glued to the road. Yes, Audis have great handling and quality brakes, but those attributes are completely nullified if the tyres’ tread isn’t up to the job. It doesn’t take much to get on your knees once a month and run a finger along the tread depth indicators. If they’re flush with the tread wall, it’s time for a new set.

Warm the engine

Everyone is in such a rush these days that engines are hardly ever given enough time to warm up. Oil protects vital parts by coating and lubricating them. When oil is cold, it’s thicker and can’t coat your engine’s parts effectively. In the morning, turn the engine on and sit for a moment as the oil warms and lubricates all those mechanical, moving parts. It doesn’t take long, just a minute or two is all it takes. Do the Wordle.

Heed warning lights

Audis are intelligent cars; they often know something’s wrong before we do. They communicate this to us through a series of lights on the dashboard, which flash or burn orange or red dependant on how emergent the problem is. Ignore these lights at your peril. They tell of possible issues with the brakes, suspension, gearbox and clutch, power steering, the engine in general, and so on. There’s even a light to tell you it’s time for a service, which brings us to…

The engine

Regular servicing is perhaps the most vital aspect of proper Audi care. A well-trained technician with access to the latest technology and tools can pick up on potential issues before they start causing problems. Here are some of the routine things we’ll do during a minor service.

What we do during a service

  • Check oil – Oil is the lifeblood of your vehicle. It keeps all those moving, solid parts from grinding one another down to a nub. The problem for a lot of car owners these days is that they don’t get the oil checked often enough. Checking the levels isn’t enough; it’s not about how much, it’s more about the quality. Over time, oil loses its viscosity, thins out, and can’t adequately coat and protect the engine. Once this happens, major components start wearing out and flakes of metal come away and block hoses and pipes.
    Here’s the truth: if you want to have one of those Audis that lasts decades, then you have to be diligent about the oil. Have it checked every six months and make sure it’s doing its job.
  • Check the brakes including fluid levels, response time and the depth of the brake pads.
  • Check the tyres for adequate tread depth and overall health.
  • Check the steering has no free-play or shaking and doesn’t pull or veers to one side.
  • Check the suspension doesn’t knock or overly bounces or floats over bumps.
  • Check battery condition & charging system to ensure that engine starts every time you want it to.
  • Check filters which perform the vital function of keeping solid bits out of channels where fluid has to freely run. Your car contains numerous filters and we check them all.
  • Check lights, windscreen wipers (worn wipers can scratch the glass) and air conditioning system
  • Check the engine – kind of obvious, isn’t it? We’ll look at drive belts and spark plugs, transmission, battery and the car’s cooling system, as well as all the belts and hoses.

Proper Audi care requires a team effort

Your Audi is a premium vehicle that requires the attention of you and your mechanic. The simple tasks you can perform regularly will go a long way to ensuring your Audi not only runs smoothly, but does so for a long time. One of those simple tasks involves taking your Audi in to a qualified and knowledgeable mechanic on a regular basis.

At BM Tech, we specialise in premium brands like Audi. We have the specialised training and the equipment necessary to properly service your car. Team up with us, and you and your Audi will have a long and beautiful friendship.

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