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Battery going flat? We’ll come to you for FREE!

Staying at home and only using your car for short drives to the shops is not a healthy environment for your car, especially the battery.  We are noticing a sharp increase in battery related issues and I want to let you know that we are here to help by introducing a new FREE service.

So you understand a little about batteries, the biggest drain on a battery is when you start it. As a battery discharges after starting the engine, the alternator will charge it back up again. You would need to have the engine running for approximately 20 minutes for it to recover, after that the alternator will keep it fully charged ready for the next start-up. Non use of the car will also slowly cause the battery to discharge. 

Abnormal Conditions

In a normal world you would start the engine, drive around for a while like go to work, do that errand, or perhaps go for a long drive somewhere. However, during this COVID-19 isolation we are not allowed to drive too much or not at all, and so the battery will discharge but won’t recover or recharge enough.  Then one day the inevitable will happen, the battery becomes flat and the engine will not start!

So What Do You?

This is where you must be careful.  A modern car is like a computer on wheels, and so if you attempt to Jump-Start a flat battery, and you don’t do it correctly, you can seriously damage electrical or computer components. 

Unless you know what you’re doing, using a battery charger or Jump-Starting an engine yourself is fraught with danger.  I have decided to err on the side of caution, so my advice to you is to call BM Tech or your Roadside Assist service like the RACV.

We Will Come To You!

That’s right, during this difficult COVID-19 isolation period, BM Tech will drive out to where you live* FREE OF CHARGE and Jump-Start the car and/or drive it back to our workshop to recharge and inspect the battery.  We have the know-how and special equipment to safely Jump-Start the engine and re-charge it again. I believe having a professional do it is the safest and surest way to get you going again with minimal fuss.

If this happens to you don’t hesitate in calling us anytime:

BM Tech Canterbury on 9836-1888
BM Tech Essendon on 9379-8810

* Some Conditions Apply

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