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Digital Vehicle Inspections: Giving our customers more control over their service experience.

BM Tech is excited to announce that we are now using new and innovative digital technology to record faults and run reports when servicing cars.

Streamlined service

Our new DVI system is being used throughout BM Tech to streamline the process when cars are brought to us for servicing. By replacing the paper job cards with tablets, everyone at BM Tech are able to see the work that needs attention. Every Technician and Service Advisor have their own tablet or iPad to use when recording information about the service.

Real-time and cloud-based

And our DVI system is multi-user and cloud based. This means that when a Technician is recording information on the tablet, everyone in the organisation has real-time access to the same report. This also reduces Technician downtime and thus increases efficiency. Clients will receive the report instantly and they are able to see the work required.  As they will be more informed, they can then  quickly provide approval for the work they would like completed,  with greater confidence, transparency and trust.

Transparency for our customers

The great thing about DVI is that it creates this transparency for the client by recording images of the reported items and gives them a better understanding of the faults, based on simple and easy to use symbols and images. Many clients who are contacted via the DVI system find that they have more control of the issues at hand and feel more comfortable knowing the report is as accurate as can be.

No “5 o’clock shock”

The DVI uses the traffic light system to classify the condition or status of the fault, i.e. if the box next to the item is Green then this is okay, if it’s marked Yellow, then this indicates that it requires attention but not critical, and if it’s marked red then it’s recommended that it be dealt with as soon as possible; it’s that simple.

Taking images is one of the best parts of the DVI and this is what most people give positive feedback for. They love the honesty which comes with showing images and in some cases, videos of the fault or issue. As they say, a picture paints a thousand words!

BM Tech has rolled out our new DVI system and we will be using it on most vehicles we service. Some work will not require us to use the DVI system, such as diagnostic work, so we will be contacting clients directly to discuss those outcomes.

If you have any questions or queries, please contact me on 0413 732 970 or email me at [email protected].

Watch this video to see how the DVI process works:

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