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mother watching daughter play with toy through car sunroof

Sunroof Repairs: A Draining Issue

The car roof has undergone a revolution in recent decades. Originally designed to protect passengers from the elements and provide structural integrity, it now acts as a key aesthetic feature in many vehicles. Why? Because of a wonderful little invention called the sunroof.

Ranging from little peeks of the sky to all-encompassing glass panels, sunroofs now come in numerous styles and sizes. However, being a key feature, they also need to be in working condition. Involving more components than you may think, sunroofs can become faulty every now and again, particularly if their drains become blocked. When this happens, you’ll need to have your sunroof repaired.

How do I know if I need sunroof repairs?

A sunroof is so called because it’s designed to let in some light and, on some settings, a little air. If anything else is getting in – say, water – then the sunroof is faulty and will need to be repaired. Aside from leaking, here are some other tell-tale signs of a malfunctioning sunroof:

  • No longer opening or closing, or only doing so intermittently
  • Extra road or wind noise inside the cabin
  • Condensation building up on the inside of the sunroof glass
  • Water staining on the fabric of the roof and leaking water on the floor

What is the biggest cause of sunroof repairs?

Glass, motor, track assembly, rails and cover panel. A sunroof has a surprising number of components, but the one most likely to cause issues is also the least talked about: the drains. Your sunroof sits between you and the elements, which it means it bears the brunt of whatever mood nature is in. While it is mostly sealed, some water and moisture can make its way between the sunroof and the car itself.

This is where the drains come in. Their job is to direct this water away from the cabin and back outside, usually through the bottom of the car. If they become blocked, water finds a way to leak elsewhere, and can often be found pooling behind the headliner and trim panels, potentially causing permanent staining and damage. It severe cases, it can also damage vital electrical components beneath the carpet floor and the sunroof’s motor.

Your sunroof needs regular maintenance

Perhaps the worst aspect of a blocked drain is that the symptoms don’t reveal themselves until the damage is done. Once you feel damp carpet under your feet or notice an unusual aroma of mildew, water has been building up for some time. Depending on the extent of the water’s reach, the repair costs can climb into the hundreds and sometimes thousands.

After all that bad news, it’s time for something good. Damage from blocked sunroof drains is entirely avoidable if your sunroof receives regular maintenance. This means a deep and thorough clean that involves more than a little Windex on the glass. All the debris that can get trapped around the edge of the sunroof and in its jamb needs to be cleared out, either by hand or with a vacuum. It’s this dirt and debris that can be washed down into the drains, building up to a point where it creates a blockage.

The drains themselves will also need a flush out, which is best done with compressed air set to no more than 30 psi. Removing unwanted particles is much easier to do before they become lodged, so don’t wait until you notice an issue.

Get your sunroof repaired and maintained at BM Tech

Regular maintenance of your sunroof is vital for the proper function of the sunroof itself and to protect your wallet from unnecessary plundering. At BM Tech, we offer a complete sunroof repair and maintenance service, which involves clearing its drains of any potential blockages and making sure all dirt and debris has been cleared out. Remember, it’s always cheaper to maintain rather than repair, so get your car ready for summer by giving its sunroof a little TLC. Book in for sunroof repairs today!

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